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May 14, 2013 § 2 Comments

ImageSo, I’ve just finished handing in my final assessments for my first year at Uni. But I am still revising for the three exams I have next month.

It’s been so stressful and I’ve literally been going crazy the last few months but I really do think if you have the correct equipment you’ll feel and do much better.

I know this may be a little sad but I love buying new stationary! And by this, I mean if I’m feeling down I’ll pop to Stapes/Asda/Tesco. Yep. That’s me.

So I thought I’d share my current stationary favourites.

STAEDTLER TRIPLUS FINELINER 0.3MMI wanted these for so long but never really got round to buying them. They are so lovely to write with and can keep your work and revision looking so organised. Also, if you leave the cap off they don’t dry out – handy! You get 20 different colours/shades for about £12.

These are basically really good felt tips. I love them, great for headings etc. They are so useful and cute. They come in a pack of 10 different colours for about £6.

I love highlighting things! I have a type of dyslexia which means I can’t read black text on white paper very well so highlighting things is super easier for me. I got a pack of three (I think) for a couple of pounds in Asda – I think they were the same cost as Asda’s own brand. They are so lovely to highlight with too and the ink has lasted me absolutely ages!

So they are my current faves which I use as much as possible!

This is a bit of a different post from me, I hope you don’t mind my little #geekpost. 🙂

If you have any stationary you love, let me know – I’m sure I’d love to try them!


Wonderbra lovin’

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Okay so a couple of weeks ago I reviewed a Shock Absorber sports bra (if you haven’t read it you can do here). Shock Absorber is owned by the same company as Wonderbra and in my local Wonderbra shop they sell both brands.

So I took another detour on the way to the gym. I do love these detours.

If you’ve read the previous post you’ll know I’m a huge fan of the customer service that they always give 100 per cent. Again, the woman helped me find the perfect bra and size.


In the end I chose the Ultimate Strapless bra in black. It’s pale peach/white with black lace covering the whole bra and black thick lining. It’s absolutely stunning. Also, within the cup there are three finger prints which makes it feels like you are actually being held up.

The inside of the cup. You can see the hand-like shape and how supportive it looks.

The inside of the cup. You can see the hand-like shape and how supportive it looks.

It’s the most supportive bra I’ve ever owned, I’m literally in love with it. I was so shocked to check the tag and see it was only £26 too! It’s so important to have a supportive bra because if not you could put yourself in some serious pain girls. They aren’t expensive either, some of their bra’s are 2 for £20 at the moment. They have some beautiful t-shirt bra’s and cute lacy numbers too.

So after I’d picked up a pair of matching bottoms and paid, I left – a very happy woman.

I absolutely love this bra and the company. Their workforce are lovely just like their products. I’ve already got my eye on a few other pieces I may just have to purchase soon!

I was very proud to walk around with my Wonderbra bag.

I was very proud to walk around with my Wonderbra bag.

Have you tried any Wonderbra’s? Click here to get the famous Wonderbra cleavage.

Sophie’s Specs

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Hiya all, sorry I’ve not posted for a little while all of my uni assessments have been due in the last couple of months. But that only means one thing, lots of ideas for you to read!So now the weather is starting to get a little hot, I needed a pair of prescription sun glasses. I’ve been going to Vision Express since I was about 14 and have bought a pair of Armani, Prada and my current pair of Ray Bans. So I went for it and took my wonderful mum shopping.

I tried on about 10 pairs before I attempted to look at the Gucci selection which I hadn’t dared to look at before because I was too scared to find out the price.

My new Gucci Glasses

My new Gucci Glasses

I fell in love with this pair of glasses and as so surprise to see that they were under £200. Yes, I know £200 is a lot of money but they are going to be on my face for long amounts of time, so I can justify it!

After the lenses were included in the price and I got some cheeky student discount the glasses came to under £150. How brilliant is that?

I absolutely love these glasses and the case they came in is enough to excite anyone!

I did shop online at some other stores but their selection wasn’t half as fabulous.

I’d really recommend Vision Express they have such a variety of glasses from £29.

Shock Absorber Sports Bra Review

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So I started the gym about a month ago. I had bought a decent sports bra – at least that’s what I thought. I got to the gym and it wasn’t really helping at all and it is so important to feel comfortable at the gym, firstly because if you don’t feel good you won’t go back, and secondly because it can be so painful otherwise. So I took a little detour to Wonderbra while on my way to the gym a couple of weeks ago.

Wonderbra and Shock Absorber are owned by the same company and the store assistant was so lovely, she helped me find the perfect bra and size. They have such a great veriety and some of their designs are beautiful. Their newest sports bra even has a compartment for our phone/iPod. I was so impressed.

After trying on two I decided on a black and white one which is so comfortable and helpful. The material is really breezy too and it’s not too thick so it doesn’t make you feel too hot when on a serious work out.
Honestly, it is so comfortable if I could pull off wearing it out I would! I will be going back, I’d like to buy one of their normal bras as well as another sports bra.

The bra was only £21 but they vary from around £19-£25. I think this is really good because it’s not too expensive, I’ve heard they last absolutely ages and they are such great quality.

Just a little tip, if you are going to buy one – ask the assistant for help as you are rarely ever the same size in a sports bra as you would be in your normal bra.

Are there any Wonderbra’s or Shock Absorber bras you love? Let me know as I may give them a try when I go back 🙂

River Island Student Shop-Ins

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Hello everyone! So, I was having a bit of a naughty spending spree today and when I started to walk into River Island I saw lots of Yellow signs up. “Student Shop-Ins. 20% off. 3 Days.” Oh those clever people at River Island, knowing students would be getting their loans and grants this week!Image

So I did make a few purchases, I lost one of my favorite pairs of casual earrings and RI’s jewellery are actually really cheap anyway so I found a nice gold pair I instantly fell in love with! Also, the button on my purse fell off, so I obviously needed a new one pronto.

They do have a wide range of purses but I eventually picked the first one that caught my eye. In total it has 7 compartments! It’s so cute and inside it still continues the stripey pattern. I am so in awe of it – that may sound sad but it’s super cute.

I thought you may all like to know this so you can go and get spending on some beautiful bargains! The offer is only valid on the 16th to the 18th of April…so get going!

Race for Life 2013

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Hello everyone, I know this isn’t the sort of post I usually write. But I’m taking part in Race for Life again this year. Although this year it means a lot more to me.

Last years race

Last years race

In November my mum was diagnosed with womb cancer and after a real fight we are waiting for her all clear. She finished her Radiotherapy last month and I am so proud of her.

This may sound like a sob story but it’s 100% genuine and I’m not asking a lot – your money will save lives.

Cancer Research is such a great charity and it would be great if I could gain a few sponsors from this blog.

Me and My Mum on Christmas Day.

Me and My Mum on Christmas Day.

It doesn’t have to be a lot of money if ten people donate a pound, we’ll have donated £10. The link is at the side here >
If you click it, it will direct you to my sponsor page x

From last year.

From last year.

Thank you so much.
Sophie xxx

Benefit Brow Zings

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So if you read my last post you would have heard about the Bournemouth Bloggers Fake Up Event I went to. This was one of my purchases!

I’ve been using eyebrow pencils for a while now and felt I needed to try a wax/powder. So when I was speaking to Sophie she recommended it. I bought the light shade, for £22.50 which, at first I was quite sceptical about because it is quite a lot of money but Sophie then said that it would last me three years! I do not mind paying £23.50 for something that will last me that long!

So with the helpful little lessons booklet Benefit provide you with, I set out trying my new brow pallet.

I really love the way the wax sits, doesn’t feel like it’s thick and doesn’t look it either. The powder really fails gaps you’ve missed too and I don’t know what it is but it makes it look very finished and sets it. Often, if I’m going for a more natural look, I’ll only apply the powder it doesn’t look as strong yet still works very well and really does shape your brows nicely.

It’s so handy that you’ve got some mini tweezers and two mini to apply the make up. The brushes feel really strong yet soft on your face.

I’m so pleased with Brow Zings and I could really imagine it lasting a long time because I’ve used it quite a few times already and its barely even gone down. When this does eventually run out I can definitely see myself buying another! They do three shades light, medium and deep so there is a couple colour for all.

If you have any questions about this product please comment and I will reply ASAP. Also, are there any Benefit products you swear by that I could try?

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