Top 5 Andriod Apps.

January 16, 2013 § Leave a comment

I’ve got a Samsung Galaxy S2 and I always love finding new and unique apps. I’ve come across a few recently which I love, so thought I’d share. I’m obviously not including facebook/instagram etc because they are so obvious. I’m including unique ones a lot of people may not know about.

1 – Quidco is an app I found in a magazine. You check into shops and can earn rewards or find discount codes. It’s amazing, basically means you can earn while you shop. The rewards are only 5p/10p but, that means you could earn a few pounds from just walking around town!! Such a great app.

2 – A lot of people  may know about Shazam, but for those of you who don’t it’s an app that listens to the music you have on and can tell you what song it is, so if your half way through a song on the radio and want to know what it is, you press the button and after about 5 seconds it’ll tell you what it is. Super handy app.

3 – Groupon & Wowcher, I’ve put these two together because they are practically the same! But I love these two websites so the fact that they have an app is so portable. Both apps are so easy to use and simple. Again, another handy app for some nice little bargains!

4 – Your Orange – obviously, this will only benefit you if your phone provider is Orange. It tells you how many minutes/texts/data you have remaining and if you go over or send any picture messages it will show you how much extra you have to pay this month on your bill. It’s one of the only few sensible apps on my phone!

5 – I am always forgetting appointments/birthdays/events so I put a callendar on my phone but it was so small I could barely see it and it just looked all squashed and unorganised (which I hate!). So I decided to download a countdown app. It’s called Days Left Widget (there are probably others for other types of smart phones etc), you can add a little smiley/image to it too. It just helps so much, especially for a forgetful blonde like me!

Hope you’ve seen some new apps that might interest you. If you have any that you think are great, comment them so I can have a go :).


Speak soon xo


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