Sephora Sculpting Disc review

March 17, 2013 § Leave a comment

Finally the Sephora product review I’ve been waiting to do for so long now! As you may have read, I went to Paris a couple of weekends ago and while in Champs Élysées I decided to stop off in Sephora. So this is one of my Paris purchases!
I am in love with this product. It even smells amazing.The Sculpting Disc.

The disc has three colours; a brown, pale cream and a pink. So in make up terms; a contour, highlighter and a blusher. If I’m honest, personally I’d have liked the blusher to be a bit more of a stronger pink – but that’s just me being picky.

The contour colour is perfect. I was surprised to see they didn’t have any other shades but now I see why. The colour can be used less for people with paler skin or darker for people with a darker skin tone which I think is very handy.

I think I bought this for around €13 so not a lot at all considering is three products in one. I really regret not buying more than one because I know when this runs out I’m going to be devastated I didn’t buy more, can I justify going back to Paris just for one more disc? I may have to at this rate as I can’t keep away from it!

The highlighter is even fabulous, I don’t usually go for powder highlighters but I really feel like this one has done the trick. I don’t use much highlighter anyway as I have quit oily skin so need to be careful not to have too much shine, but I feel like this gives me the right amount.

I’m really considering paying the €15 delivery fee on so that I can get another, to make it worth while are there any Sephora products you love that you think I should try? Please comment them I’d love your opinions…blog sign new



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