FHMs 100 sexiest women

March 20, 2013 § Leave a comment

FHM were surprised last month that by featuring Michelle Keegan on the front cover, they received a new group of fans – women.


Image from fhm.com

I’m not surprised by this at all, Michelle Keegan is the new Nations Sweetheart (Cheryl Cole is so last year).

This got me to thinking, I haven’t ever voted on FHMs website for the worlds 100 sexiest women and just because I’m a woman why shouldn’t I?

So I did. Obviously for Michelle as one of FHMs female readers wrote #girlcrush.

After I’d had a look around FHMs website, I got to wondering why I don’t buy this magazine or regularly go on their website – it’s actually nothing I expected.

Stereo-typically, I thought it’d just be boobs, sick jokes and gadgets – how wrong was I. They had articles about a lot of the things I’d read about in a copy of Company or Grazia. For example one article, “Two important lessons we learned from the Oscars 2013” I’d read something like this with the same sort of advice in a womens mag.

I find myself looking at fhm.com quite regularly now if I’m honest and when I’m really interested one of their issues I know I’ll tempt myself into buying it now – even if it means replacing one of my usual womens mags with it occasionally. I’ve realised I don’t care what magazine I get as long as it occupies me and keeps me entertained should it really matter whether its FHM or Grazia?

I didn’t buy a copy of FHM when Michelle was on the front cover and I actually really regret not buying it because I am a big fan. I’m quite disappointed in myself for being so stereotypical and clearly I received my punishment because apparently it was a great issue.

I know this isn’t something I usually write about but I really felt like I needed to share it with you, hope you don’t mind.

FHMs new fan 🙂 x


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