Benefit Dorset Fake Up Blogging Event

April 7, 2013 § Leave a comment


When Megan, from Megan’s Beauty Bubble invited me to Benefit Dorset for the Fake Up event to say I was excited would be an understatement. Not only is Benefit one of my favourite cosmetic brands, but this was also my first ever blogging event! So one we arrived I was introduced to Sophie, the department manager and Alyson, who was running the event (who also dressed up as the detective from the Fake Up advert and looked fabulous). Then we were introduced to some tasty white wine, carrot cakes and sweets #yum. I’d heard how great Fake Up was but when Sophie told us how many Fake Ups have sold and how much of a hit they are I was extremely intrigued.

After trying Fake Up for the first time I realised immediately how light and fresh it was on my skin. It felt so smooth too, and not at all greasy or dry as some concealer can be. As I’ve been trying it throughout the week I’ve really grown to love it.
I usually place it under my eyes and because I wear glasses I feel it really lightens up my face as makes the shadow from my glasses less harsh.
I also use it as a highlighter down the centre of my nose, just above my eyebrows and a little on my chin. After I’ll place my powder on top, but only a little.

It’s so fresh and neat I love it and for only £18.50 I think it’s defiantly worth it as I’ve hardly used any. I was also surprised how three tones could match so many different people skin!

Just a sneaky tip, Debenhams are doing a little deal, spend over £40 and get 500 Debenhams Beauty Card Points – that’s £5 off your next purchase!

I also received some more Benefit goodies which I will be doing separated posts on one I fell I’ve really been able to test them out.


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