River Island Student Shop-Ins

April 16, 2013 § Leave a comment

Hello everyone! So, I was having a bit of a naughty spending spree today and when I started to walk into River Island I saw lots of Yellow signs up. “Student Shop-Ins. 20% off. 3 Days.” Oh those clever people at River Island, knowing students would be getting their loans and grants this week!Image

So I did make a few purchases, I lost one of my favorite pairs of casual earrings and RI’s jewellery are actually really cheap anyway so I found a nice gold pair I instantly fell in love with! Also, the button on my purse fell off, so I obviously needed a new one pronto.

They do have a wide range of purses but I eventually picked the first one that caught my eye. In total it has 7 compartments! It’s so cute and inside it still continues the stripey pattern. I am so in awe of it – that may sound sad but it’s super cute.

I thought you may all like to know this so you can go and get spending on some beautiful bargains! The offer is only valid on the 16th to the 18th of April…so get going!


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