Shock Absorber Sports Bra Review

April 30, 2013 § Leave a comment

So I started the gym about a month ago. I had bought a decent sports bra – at least that’s what I thought. I got to the gym and it wasn’t really helping at all and it is so important to feel comfortable at the gym, firstly because if you don’t feel good you won’t go back, and secondly because it can be so painful otherwise. So I took a little detour to Wonderbra while on my way to the gym a couple of weeks ago.

Wonderbra and Shock Absorber are owned by the same company and the store assistant was so lovely, she helped me find the perfect bra and size. They have such a great veriety and some of their designs are beautiful. Their newest sports bra even has a compartment for our phone/iPod. I was so impressed.

After trying on two I decided on a black and white one which is so comfortable and helpful. The material is really breezy too and it’s not too thick so it doesn’t make you feel too hot when on a serious work out.
Honestly, it is so comfortable if I could pull off wearing it out I would! I will be going back, I’d like to buy one of their normal bras as well as another sports bra.

The bra was only £21 but they vary from around £19-£25. I think this is really good because it’s not too expensive, I’ve heard they last absolutely ages and they are such great quality.

Just a little tip, if you are going to buy one – ask the assistant for help as you are rarely ever the same size in a sports bra as you would be in your normal bra.

Are there any Wonderbra’s or Shock Absorber bras you love? Let me know as I may give them a try when I go back 🙂


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