Benefit Dorset Fake Up Blogging Event

April 7, 2013 § Leave a comment


When Megan, from Megan’s Beauty Bubble invited me to Benefit Dorset for the Fake Up event to say I was excited would be an understatement. Not only is Benefit one of my favourite cosmetic brands, but this was also my first ever blogging event! So one we arrived I was introduced to Sophie, the department manager and Alyson, who was running the event (who also dressed up as the detective from the Fake Up advert and looked fabulous). Then we were introduced to some tasty white wine, carrot cakes and sweets #yum. I’d heard how great Fake Up was but when Sophie told us how many Fake Ups have sold and how much of a hit they are I was extremely intrigued.

After trying Fake Up for the first time I realised immediately how light and fresh it was on my skin. It felt so smooth too, and not at all greasy or dry as some concealer can be. As I’ve been trying it throughout the week I’ve really grown to love it.
I usually place it under my eyes and because I wear glasses I feel it really lightens up my face as makes the shadow from my glasses less harsh.
I also use it as a highlighter down the centre of my nose, just above my eyebrows and a little on my chin. After I’ll place my powder on top, but only a little.

It’s so fresh and neat I love it and for only £18.50 I think it’s defiantly worth it as I’ve hardly used any. I was also surprised how three tones could match so many different people skin!

Just a sneaky tip, Debenhams are doing a little deal, spend over £40 and get 500 Debenhams Beauty Card Points – that’s £5 off your next purchase!

I also received some more Benefit goodies which I will be doing separated posts on one I fell I’ve really been able to test them out.


Clairol Nice ‘n’ Easy Colour Blend Technology Dye

March 23, 2013 § 1 Comment

After trying to grow my hair for absolute months it’s finally starting to! I usually use this die but this time I chose a bit of a darker colour and I love it! Super happy with the results.

My Match

My Match

My colour this time was 102 Natural Light Ash Blonde – so a little darker. What I really love about this dye is the conditioner you get with it, it makes my hair so smooth, it’s amazing.

What really surprises me though, is that my hair seems to feel like it’s in better condition now I’ve dyed it. These dyes vary from about £4-£7 but you can sometimes get them on offer.

Also I’ve noticed if you want to make your hair look like you’ve got highlights if you put more dye on a certain part it looks as if you’ve had streaks put in which, if done correctly, can look really nice.

Nice ‘n’ Easy have a lot of different shades – what ever colour you are 99 times out of 100 you will find a match. I usually buy mine in Boots/Superdrug/Asda – most places sell them!

I have tried different types but I just don’t think they work as well and weirdly enough my hair is already growing fast and I only put my dye on a week ago – this makes me very happy!!

The results - this is not edited - just cropped :)

The results – this is not edited – just cropped 🙂

If you haven’t dyed your hair before I’d advise you do a tester first. A tester is when you put a little bit (and I mean tiny) behind your ear and see if you come up in a reaction – if you do, do not use the die – I mean it, don’t use it. I’ve seen before when people haven’t tried it and their whole face has come up in a rash, it’s not pretty. If you don’t get a reaction you’ll be fine. Usually the instructions tell you this anyway.

This dye only takes 25 minutes and I think it’s brilliant especially for about a fiver. The results I get are ones I’d expect from a salon (don’t mean to float my own boat but it’s true!).

Hope you like. If you have any questions let me know, I’ll help as much as I can.

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FHMs 100 sexiest women

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FHM were surprised last month that by featuring Michelle Keegan on the front cover, they received a new group of fans – women.


Image from

I’m not surprised by this at all, Michelle Keegan is the new Nations Sweetheart (Cheryl Cole is so last year).

This got me to thinking, I haven’t ever voted on FHMs website for the worlds 100 sexiest women and just because I’m a woman why shouldn’t I?

So I did. Obviously for Michelle as one of FHMs female readers wrote #girlcrush.

After I’d had a look around FHMs website, I got to wondering why I don’t buy this magazine or regularly go on their website – it’s actually nothing I expected.

Stereo-typically, I thought it’d just be boobs, sick jokes and gadgets – how wrong was I. They had articles about a lot of the things I’d read about in a copy of Company or Grazia. For example one article, “Two important lessons we learned from the Oscars 2013” I’d read something like this with the same sort of advice in a womens mag.

I find myself looking at quite regularly now if I’m honest and when I’m really interested one of their issues I know I’ll tempt myself into buying it now – even if it means replacing one of my usual womens mags with it occasionally. I’ve realised I don’t care what magazine I get as long as it occupies me and keeps me entertained should it really matter whether its FHM or Grazia?

I didn’t buy a copy of FHM when Michelle was on the front cover and I actually really regret not buying it because I am a big fan. I’m quite disappointed in myself for being so stereotypical and clearly I received my punishment because apparently it was a great issue.

I know this isn’t something I usually write about but I really felt like I needed to share it with you, hope you don’t mind.

FHMs new fan 🙂 x

Sephora Sculpting Disc review

March 17, 2013 § Leave a comment

Finally the Sephora product review I’ve been waiting to do for so long now! As you may have read, I went to Paris a couple of weekends ago and while in Champs Élysées I decided to stop off in Sephora. So this is one of my Paris purchases!
I am in love with this product. It even smells amazing.The Sculpting Disc.

The disc has three colours; a brown, pale cream and a pink. So in make up terms; a contour, highlighter and a blusher. If I’m honest, personally I’d have liked the blusher to be a bit more of a stronger pink – but that’s just me being picky.

The contour colour is perfect. I was surprised to see they didn’t have any other shades but now I see why. The colour can be used less for people with paler skin or darker for people with a darker skin tone which I think is very handy.

I think I bought this for around €13 so not a lot at all considering is three products in one. I really regret not buying more than one because I know when this runs out I’m going to be devastated I didn’t buy more, can I justify going back to Paris just for one more disc? I may have to at this rate as I can’t keep away from it!

The highlighter is even fabulous, I don’t usually go for powder highlighters but I really feel like this one has done the trick. I don’t use much highlighter anyway as I have quit oily skin so need to be careful not to have too much shine, but I feel like this gives me the right amount.

I’m really considering paying the €15 delivery fee on so that I can get another, to make it worth while are there any Sephora products you love that you think I should try? Please comment them I’d love your opinions…blog sign new


MAC Fix+

March 16, 2013 § 2 Comments

Wow. I’ve heard about this before. But really, wow.


My free tote bag, fix+, me before the night out and after.

In Paris as you may have already read, I bought MAC’s Fix+ and I’m very impressed. I went out that evening in Paris and on the metro remembered I’d not bought any make up with me – so this really was putting Fix+ to the test!

I got home thinking oh no, I’m extremely drunk. Looked in the mirror – surprised is an understatement. All of my make up was still on. All of it.

I’ve also heard it’s great if your hot and need to cool down so on the way to uni in the car I sprayed it on my face and was so surprised at how versatile it is. I only paid €15 for it and on it’s £13.50 for a 100ml bottle which I think is pretty good.

I’m such a fan of mac cosmetics but I really think this is a lifesaver.

If I was to advise anything on this product it would be wait until your make up (ie: mascara) is dry before applying this, it’s quite wet and can make your eyelashes stick a bit if you’re not careful.

I will be buying Fix+ again, I think it’s amazing and I’ve hardly used any after applying it atleast 7/8 times already! I’m adding this to my beauty must have list!

UK Sephora?

March 12, 2013 § 4 Comments

sephoraI know what you’re thinking, do we really need another beauty/make up store in the UK? No, probably not. But my experience in Sephora was not like any I’ve ever had in any other beauty store before.

After walking in and being handed a tester of Dior’s newest perfume by a beautiful male in a tux holding a rose, I managed to grab two products immediately – Sephora’s sculpting pallet and Ciate Caviar 8 piece Mini Bar.

Shortly after that loud cheers emerged from the front of the store and I looked down the red carpet isle to see around 15 members of the Sephora team dancing to a obviously planned and rehearsed, Gangnam Style. A-mazing.

The customer service and atmosphere was excellent. Not to mention the products (which I will be writing a separate post on because they’re that amazing) they had everything. My only regret is that I didn’t buy more. Which is what has lead me to this post…why do we not have a Sephora in the UK? We need one! I’m regretting not buying products and coming home with over €100 left!

I’ve done my research – in the mid 2000’s Sephora had come and gone with 10 stores.

After being on Sephora’s website it’s obvious I’m not the only one who would benefit from this, hundreds of people have commented on the internet requesting one in the UK.

Everything was perfect, from the decor to the carrier bags (big fan of posh carriers). Although I did walk a few doors up to MAC and recieve a free tote bag. Overall, Paris was amazing – I want to go back just to go to MAC and Sephora!

Sadly, Sephora have said to me “We currently do not have any plans for retail locations in England.” But added that they do ship to “England and several other European cunrties via Sephora France.” But is this really a true Sephora experience that everyone should be able to take part in? No and it would cost you around €15 delivery *sad face.*

So please Sephora, come back!blog sign new

Sleek Face Form contouring and blush palette & Jack Wills brush.

February 23, 2013 § 2 Comments


Was a bit early for uni one day so had a cheeky pop into Superdrug on my way…always wanted to try Sleeks contouring range and desperately needed a new blusher.

In this pallet I gained three in one; a blusher, highlighter and a bronzer to contour with.

So I picked up this, the lighter version because my skin is quite pale. The first colour is a darkish brown, the second is a pale pink with a slight sparkle to it and the third is a deep peach. I was slightly concerned about the highlighter, I don’t usually wear a pale pinks as highlighters, usually I use cream colours – that sort of thing. Needless to say, I was very surprised (good surprised).

I started by contouring, I followed my cheek bones down my face and into a v at the end (near the corner of my mouth) and then again at the top of my head near my hair-line – this can help your forehead seem smaller.
I then applied the highlighter, I started at the inner corner of my eye and stroked the brush down the side of my nose then to the other corner of my eye and back to the start to create a triangle. After colouring it in I blended it using my beauty blender.
I brushed the blush on my cheeks above where I’d just contoured.

After blending I realised I’d added too much bronzer so removed some, it was so easy to do and seems like it’s going to last me ages! It stayed on all night and didn’t make me feel like I’d plastered on a lot of make up.

I am so pleased with this product, I would seriously recommend it! I used a brush I bought from Jack Wills. I’d never tried it before and saw it in the outlet. It’s a small brush but is so soft and the make up didn’t stick to it at all.


I really am happy with both of these products and will be buying again! I’m also going to try more of Sleeks products in future, do you recommend any?

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